The largest provider of mining equipment

Making mining easy
It is a unique platform for e-commerce in the crypto-industry. Being a part of Uasia Group holding with the central office in Guangzhou, it has been operating in China since 2014.

Our company takes an active part in international exhibitions and summits, is a platinum sponsor of WDMS 2018 (Tbilisi) and WDMS 2019 (Frankfurt), and is a member of the annual closed meetings of Chinese mining equipment manufacturers.

Our mission

Vision and mission

The world is on the threshold of a new currency world. Blockchain is a strategically important technology for China, along with artificial intelligence, 5G, and cloud technology, and the priority of its development is enshrined at the official level.

The introduction of the digital yuan will only strengthen China's industry leadership and greatly accelerate and secure international settlements from external influence. With the absorption of a unique microelectronics manufacturing cluster centered in Taiwan, China will gain digital technological sovereignty and become the new center of global governance by the third decade. Our company's mission is to support China's chosen development path and the introduction of blockchain technology and blockchain-based solutions into the real economy and everyday human life.


Russia, Moscow

China, Guangzhou