!Доверь доставку профессионалам

!Быстрая и надежная доставка оптимальным маршрутом и выгодной цене.

Convenient hosting

!Разместите свое майнинг оборудование в надежных и защищенных дата центрах наших партнеров.

!Все данные всегда под рукой

!Заказывай. Отслеживай. Размещай. Все данные под рукой от покупки до размещения на хостинге.


uminers ecosystem

The CyberLog single digital platform consists of modules. Marketplace - here you can purchase equipment. Logistics - transportation of your order anywhere in the world. Hosting - placing your equipment in a data center.


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Antminer S19 XP

Antminer S19 XP - 140.00 TH/s

₮12'880 Profitability: $27.04
Pre-order (July)
  • 140.00TH/s
  • 3010W
  • 14.4Kg.
Goldshell KD6

Goldshell KD6 - 26.30 TH/s

₮51'000 Profitability: $−
Pre-order (April)
  • 26.30TH/s
  • 2630W
  • 8.5Kg.
No image

Antminer S19j Pro - 104.00 TH/s

₮11'320 Profitability: $19.09
In stock ( Batam)
  • 104.00TH/s
  • 3068W
  • 16Kg.
Goldshell KD6

Goldshell KD6 - 26.30 TH/s

₮50'000 Profitability: $−
Pre-order (May)
  • 26.30TH/s
  • 2630W
  • 8.5Kg.


Order. Track. Receive.
Worldwide delivery and customs support.


Order. Place. Profit.
Make a request for placement in the data center.

Making mining easy

Marketplace is integrated into CyberLog, which allows equipment suppliers to interact directly with customers. All equipment is sourced from manufacturers and reliable suppliers.

Worldwide delivery

Fast and reliable delivery with optimal route and favorable price. We offer individual logistics solutions and take care of shipping and customs clearance issues. Trust the delivery to the professionals.

Convenient hosting

Place your mining equipment in secure and reliable data centers of our partners of your choice. Our partners provide professional technical services for installation, maintenance and 24/7 customer support.

Easy to use

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Our mission

Vision and mission

The world of blockchain technology is rapidly changing and improving. Blockchain is a strategically important technology for China, along with artificial intelligence, 5G, and cloud technologies, and its development priority is enshrined at the official level. The introduction of the digital yuan will only strengthen China's industry leadership, significantly accelerate and secure international settlements from external influences. Our company's mission is to introduce blockchain technology and blockchain-based solutions into the real economy and everyday human life.

15 000+

Devices already sold in 2021

12 000

Devices sold in 2020

5 000

Devices sold in 2019


Available to everyone

Now the reputation of digital currency is reaching new heights, and its use is becoming more open and widespread. These trends provoke the development of the mining market. Get a chance to invest your free finances in the business of mining equipment without any special knowledge of the cryptoindustry.

Choose an investment amount
Choose your investment period
24 months
Your income will be$5,000Invest
Our vision

!Наше будущее

!Сегодня мы стремимся сделать взаимодействие с майнинг индустрией удобной и простой. В будущем мы хотим применить свой опыт и навыки в разработке кастомизированных блокчейн-приложений для покупателей из самых разных отраслей: медицины, рекламы, логистики, образования и многих других.

  • Medicine
  • Advertising
  • Logistics
  • Education
  • Finance

Our performance

Our company takes an active part in international exhibitions and summits, as well as a participant in the annual closed meetings of Chinese mining equipment manufacturers



Андрей Калашников

I would like to thank UMINERS for the efficient work of their experts and their promptness in finding and selecting the mining equipment for our company. During the cooperation we have proved ourselves positively. The equipment arrived in the agreed time and in proper quality.