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  • How to order?
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Miner hosting
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How to Order?

Ordering walkthrough.

  1. Login or register

    Only registered users can place an order. Login to your account or register if this is your first visit. Registration won’t take more than 2 mins.

  2. Go to “Marketplace” page

    Go to “Marketplace” section in the header.

    Choose catalog.

  3. Select a product

    Using filters and sorting, you can easily and promptly find the product you need

  4. Add the selected item to cart

    In order to do this, open the product’s card, insert the quantity and click “Add to Cart”

    You can add a product to the cart without going to the page with the product card, but directly from the list by moving the pointer over the product. When hover, a button appears in the form of a cart. Click on it and the product will automatically be added to the Cart.

    You can also proceed to checkout and pay without adding the product to the Cart. On the page with the product click “Buy” or “Pre-order”. The name of the button will depend on whether at that time the product is in stock and ready to be sent immediately after payment or by pre-order on certain dates of shipment from the factory.

    Also in the product card you will find the picture and product description, information about payment methods, warrantee and firmware.

  5. Go to “Cart” page

    To continue placing the order you need to go to the “Cart” page in the header.

  6. Check the order and click “Next”

    In the cart, at the 1st step of the order processing you can: tick the product to continue placing the order, check your order, if necessary change the quantity of the product or delete the product, if you change your mind.

  7. Choose a shipping method

    Choose a shipping method convenient for you and enter the delivery address, if necessary.

    Submit order.

  8. Choose payment method

    Choose the payment method convenient for you.

  9. Pay for your order

    The payment information will appear according to the payment method you have choosen.

  10. Check the order status

    After placing the order, you will receive an email and the order will be displayed in the section “My account”- “My orders”.

You can track all the information about your orders in the section "My Account" - "Orders".

If additional information is required, we will contact you.

How to place an order for hosting?

UMINERS offers favorable conditions for placing your turnkey equipment worldwide.

How to place an order?

  1. Go to “Miner hosting” page in the header

  2. Choose a data center

    You will find a list of available accommodation options and their descriptions on the page. You need to choose a data center and click “Send the request”

  3. Enter your contact details for request

    Enter you name, email, telephone number and click “Get an offer”

After sending the application, it will be processed. Our manager will contact you within 24 hours.

Delivery options

1. To Hong Kong Address

Indicate the delivery address in the city, and we will arrange delivery as soon as possible after shipment from the plant.

2. Warehouse

You don’t need to indicate any address of delivery, you can pick up your order directly from the warehouse in Hong Kong within 10 days after receiving the good.

3. To any other address

Indicate the delivery address anywhere in the world. Uminers offers the best price for transportation services and customs clearance. For more information about the conditions and prices of transportation, you can contact us via online chat, the bottom is placed in the lower right corner of the site .

Contact us, if you still have questions

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