The Futureof Mining
The Uminers BM-1 is our best-in-class mining efficiency ASIC miner that is designed with advanced technology, improving operations and ensuring long-term operations for future mining. Uminers BM-1 comes with upgraded firmware offering faster start-up speeds.
Hash Rates
90 ± 5% TH/s
Power Efficiency
38±10% J/TH
New Generation
power efficiency < 38 J/TH
Double Fan
2х 140 mm
Industry-LeadingHash Rates, Reaching 90 TH/s
The flagship Uminers BM-1 achieves 90 ± 5% TH/s leading the industry through performance with enhanced board stability
38±10% J/THPower Efficiency
The Uminers BM-1 has a power consumption of 3400 ± 10% W and power efficiency of 38 ± 10% joules per terahash (J/TH), further improving the efficiency
Reliable Custom-Built Chip
Uminers BM-1 series is housed with SAMSUNG 8nm Low Power Plus chips ensuring capable and efficient operations for mining cryptocurrencies, achieving a power efficiency as low as 38 J/TH. This was achieved by enhancing the circuit architecture.
Double Fan Sidewind
Uminers BM-1 series is equipped with 4 chip boards and only double 140mm powerful cooling fans with 50% shorter wind run and increased miner performance
Advanced Firmware
Apart from standard operation and control over your miner, be safe having additional access to events log. Password and pool configurations changes will be registered in the history log without possibility to erase
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